The Difference of One

This week at school, we had an assembly that moved me more than I expected.

C.J. Luckey: A single man with a powerful message for the youth of our school… The power of YET!

There was singing, swaying, jumping, and celebrating! These motions were paired with powerful words of encouragement.

Some of the most powerful words were in a rap to thank teachers. In his song, he asked students to thank the teachers in their lives. This is my thank you to the current teachers in my life:

Thank you, Melinda Hoover! You may not realize it, but before school even started, you became my teacher when you lent me a book (before even meeting me) on classroom design. I want to say thank you for your encouragement and support this school year. It has made a difference in my journey as a teacher.

Thank you, Valerie Murtaugh! I have never worked with a teacher with such expertise and poise. The thoroughness to the job at hand and the consideration to the students and staff around you is inspiring to me. In tough situations, I ask myself, “What would Valerie do?”… and I set a timer!

Thank you, Carrie Tracy! I am a different teacher because of the support and interest you have provided this school year. You helped me uncover the power of YET! Taking the time, as an assistant principal, to come to planning meetings and stop by my classroom to observe and participate was invaluable in improving my craft as teacher.

Finally, thank you, C. J. Luckey! We all need the positive message you brought to our school. Not only were our students inspired, but you inspired me. Your advice about praising the PROCESS was heard! Thank you for inspiring me to jump higher!


Author: raqueldixonblog

I am starting my 13th year as a fifth grade teacher and have a total of 22 years as teacher under my belt. I have a BFA in metal working and a MEd in Special Education. My favorite part of being a teacher is it is a place I can be myself. My classroom feels like home.

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